In August of each year, our office mails out the TRIM (Truth in Millage) Notice to all property owners in Seminole County as required by law. The TRIM notice tells you:

  • the taxable value of your property as determined by the Property Appraiser's office (taxable value is the assessed value less any exemptions)
  • proposed millage rates from each taxing authority (the Property Appraiser does not set millage rates)
  • estimated taxes based on proposed millage rates
  • when and where these authorities will hold public meetings to discuss tentative budgets to set your millage tax rates

The final tax notices, as prescribed by law, will be mailed by the Seminole County Tax Collector on or before November 1st.

To view your TRIM Notice Online, access our Record Search from the Homepage and search for your property by parcel ID, address or owner. A link to your TRIM Notice can be found on the parcel detail page for your property. 

If you disagree with the value, classification, or exemption status on your TRIM notice, please contact our office at 407-665-7506 to speak with a representative. We will make every effort to make sure your assessment is correct and representative of the property’s value as of January 1st.

If you still disagree with the Property Appraiser’s determination, you may file a petition with the Seminole County Value Adjustment Board which is administered by the Seminole County Clerk of Court. 

Visit the Value Adjustment Board

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