State law allows Florida homeowners to claim up to a $50,000 Homestead Exemption on their primary residence. The first $25,000 of this exemption applies to all taxing authorities. The additional exemption of up to $25,000 excludes School Board taxes. The deadline to file is March 1st.

There are three easy ways to file:

Homestead Exemption is a tax reduction on your primary residence. Applications must be filed to initially qualify. If approved, this exemption could reduce the taxable value of your home by up to $50,000, which could result in tax savings of up to $800. The first $25,000 of this exemption applies to all taxing authorities. The additional $25,000 exemption excludes School Board taxes and does not require a separate application.

An added benefit of homestead exemption is the 'Save Our Homes' (SOH) assessment limitation. The year after your property is granted homestead exemption, its assessed value cannot increase more than 3% per year, or the increase in the Consumer Price Index, whichever is lower. In 2024, the CPI is 3.4% and the SOH cap is 3.0%.

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As of January 1st, you must:

  • be a U.S. citizen or have a Permanent Resident Card (copy of card required)
  • be a legal resident of Seminole County (copy of Florida driver’s license with current, updated address required)
  • have recorded legal or beneficial title to the property on which you are applying
  • maintain the property as your permanent legal home or the permanent home of a person who is legally or naturally dependent on you

When applying, you will need:

  1. Social Security Numbers for all property owners who are applying and their spouses.
  2. Valid Florida Driver's License or ID for all property owners who are applying and their spouses. License must reflect the address for which you are seeking the exemption.
  3. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must provide a copy of your resident alien (green) card.

If your property is in a Trust, you must have legal or beneficial title in equity to real property to receive homestead exemption. You must submit a copy of your trust for review.

Your Homestead Exemption will be automatically renewed each year as long there have been no changes to use or ownership. Each January a renewal receipt will be mailed to you.

It is the responsibility of the owner to notify the Property Appraiser of any change in exemption status. Florida law requires the filing of a new application when any title change is made including:

  • putting your property into a trust or life estate
  • adding or removing owners
  • divorce or marriage

Contact our exemptions department at 407-665-7512 for any questions.

Portability is the ability to transfer the savings benefit of the homestead property assessment limitation (defined in FS 193.155, known as "Save Our Homes" (SOH)) and described as the dollar difference between market value and assessed value, or the percentage thereof from one existing homestead to another new homestead property.

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Seminole County senior citizens age 65 or older (as of January 1st) with household income below the limit set by the Florida Department of Revenue may qualify for an additional exemption.

The additional benefit for qualified seniors applies only to taxes levied by the following authorities. The county's senior exemption does not apply to other taxing authorities, such as the school district and other municipalities.

  • Seminole County: $50,000
  • City of Altamonte Springs: $50,000
  • City of Casselberry: $5,000

These additional exemptions are in addition to the standard homestead exemption. Once the property owner has the senior exemption in place, it will be automatically renewed. 

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Veterans who are Florida residents and were honorably discharged with a service-connected disability may be eligible for additional exemptions from ad valorem taxes on property they own and use as their homesteads. 

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Other exemptions include


PARENT & GRANDPARENT ASSESSMENT REDUCTION can also be applied for to have the value of new parent or grandparent living quarters (construction or reconstruction) deducted from the assessment.

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