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Let me be the first to welcome you to the Seminole County Property Appraiser website. This site was developed as an extension of our office to provide you, the user, with the most up to date information available to us regarding properties within Seminole County.

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Important Dates
  • 2024 Homestead Exemption Filing Deadline March 1, 2024
  • Proposed Tax Notices (TRIM) mailed. 25 Days after TRIM notice mailing Deadline for filing Real Property and Personal Property Petitions Mid August
  • Deadline for Personal Property Returns. April 1, 2024
Miscellaneous Information
Exemptions Information
State law allows Florida homeowners to claim homestead exemption, limited income senior exemption, military/veteran exemption, Portability and several other exemptions.
Agricultural Classification
In order for the Property Appraiser to determine whether or not the land is used for commercial agricultural purposes, specific factors must be taken into consideration.
Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (TRIM)
In August of each year, our office mails out the TRIM (Truth in Millage) Notice to all property owners in Seminole County as required by law. The TRIM notice tells you the taxable value of your property.
Tangible Personal Property
Tangible Personal Property is everything other than real estate that is used in a business to produce income and that has value by itself.
Seminole County Property Stats, 2023 Tax Roll
Real Property Parcels
Residential Parcels
Commercial Parcels
Condo Parcels
Apartment Units
Taxable Value
$49.6 billion
Market Value
$78 billion
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